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Law School Won’t Help You, Law Student Says. A Georgetown Law student is telling people to put their applications down. But Isvari Mohan isn’t the disillusioned student you might expect. The former child prodigy is entering her third year studying cyber and national security law, and in a conversation with TippingTheScales she’s quick to say she personally loves law school….Read more

Want To Be Deeply In Debt? Go To Law School! Take it from a child prodigy — don’t go to law school if you’re not prepared to be drowning in debt….Read more

Isvari Mohan, A Young Author with Multiple Talents Takes on the World. Isvari Mohan, a singer, Global Law Scholar, and author of the war drama, The Eyes of Mikra, is a law school student at Georgetown Law, where she is a member of the Global Law Scholars Program and a Peer Advisor. She is, as she puts it, “super-interested” in National Security Law….Read more

ELEVENTH CIRCUIT: Isvari Mohan: A Global-Minded Problem Solver. Isvari Mohan’s list of accomplishments is enviable: a political science degree from UC Berkley; internship opportunities at CERN, Fermilab, and CSTEP in Bengaluru; an astrophysics research opportunity at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory under Nobel Prize laureate Saul Perlmutter. The list does not end there….Read More

UC-Berkeley grad and law student at 18 adds war novel author to list of talents. San Jose native and big thinker Isvari Mohan has published her first novel that dives into the chilling aspects of war and the human psyche. The graduate of UC-Berkeley, who recently turned 18, said her studies in political science dramatically enhanced the book, “The Eyes of Mikra,” that she had first drafted at 15 years old….Read More

Child Prodigy Isvari Mohan: ‘Take Chances, Make Mistakes’. Isvari Mohan entered the physics program at U.C. Berkeley as a young girl, graduated this past May at the age of 17, and now studies international law at Georgetown University. This big thinker has a limitless perspective on life….Read more

Seventeen year old Isvari Mohan grew up in Cambrian Park and is graduating from UC-Berkeley in May. 1970s songsters aren’t typically the favorites of many 17-year-olds these days but Isvari Mohan, the soon-to-be graduate of UC-Berkeley, is anything but typical. “I hate the word genius,” Isvari said. “I really believe that everyone is unique. Sometimes I forget that I am young”….Read more