(I wrote this right before starting law school…at 17-years-old. I was really questioning my life decisions.)

I remember sitting in a smiling room,
And lazing in the sun,
Dipping fingers into polish bottles,
Until our nails were done.

I remember the old playhouse,
The friends that eagerly stay,
And the morning breeze, through warm-red leaves,
That lingers throughout the day.

I remember loving every fresh thing,
Not wanting to say goodbye,
And growing up was so much fun,
That I never asked the why.

Swings, my proud hair, blowing far,
I remember believing in me,
And the future woman I would become,
The great things that I could be.

I remember the strawberries in summertime,
The fake food we made from grass,
And the holidays, more work than play,
Yet we’d still want them to last.

I remember the joy, the laughter, the cheer,
And newly starting each day,
Now I remember all those good times,
God, please take my memory away.

(c) Isvari Mohan, 2014

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