I Love You

(For a very special someone…)

I froze the warmth of childhood
——in tears that etched my face,
in crimson blood I used to win
——the ribbons of my race.

To me, I was a monster;
——with others, far too nice.
And poetry is hard to write,
——when hearts are made of ice.

The things I would have wanted
——to remember in a rhyme
were forgotten by the fleeting days
——and faded nights of time.

So this, the first I’m writing,
——in many years of wait,
in many stares of hardness,
——in many tests of faith:

It has to be of something
——that makes the waters flow,
of something I can drown in,
——with broken eyes aglow.

Set blazing sun on shadows,
——feed hunger to my brain.
Make the mountains tremble,
——with all the welcome pain.

Spin legends from the sunset,
——and crystals out of dew,
when these careful lips of mine,
——say I’m in love with you.

(c) Isvari Mohan, 2017

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