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So…this was most of my free time in late high-school, undergrad, and law school. I love writing stories and when I came up with the idea of an amnesiac female freedom fighter (and the huge plot twist at the end of The Eyes of Mikra), I wrote the plot all down in a couple days when I was 15-years-old. Then edits, edits, edits, agenting, agenting, agenting, and more edits. I published EOM around my 18th birthday and since then have been working on finishing The 7 Ways To Live Life and The Stars That Shine in Late Summer.

Yes, I’m taking a long time. Law school, you guys.

The Eyes of Mikra

“Dives into the chilling aspects of war and the human psyche” – San Jose Mercury News.

eom full“Facts you can bend. Memories are much stronger things.”

North Mikra’s best spy has everything she wants: a decades-old civil war riding on her shoulders, guns, weapons smuggling, and an elusive enemy, Agent S. A fierce female assassin in a male-dominated world, she’s the best fighter, the sharpest shooter, and apparently the most heartless soldier. A kid at a party once asked her if she’d killed anybody and she said no. She did her job. The word wasn’t “kill.”

So when she wakes up from a bomb blast without her memory, she ignores her personal reservations about the war and goes straight back to work.

There’s only one mystery. Who is she?

The 7 Ways To Live Life (coming soon)

Aryan. From Dubai. Curious.

Esmeralda. From Romania. Superstitious.

Jon. From England. Religious.

Spice. From California. Apathetic.

Da. From China. Scientific.

Aiko. From the Falkland Islands. Philosophic.

The only thing they were supposed to have in common was a future at Longhorn University’s Foreign Education Program: a future filled with dating, dancing, friendships, and an all-American college experience.

Not a past filled with spies, government leaks, murder, and war. Or a present in which they are the prime targets of a clandestine CIA operation.

The 7 Ways to Live Life is a gripping metaphor for the stages of life, told through a story about everything from leukemia to the military industrial complex.

Be careful. The bald man is watching you.

The Stars That Shine in Late Summer (coming soon)

When Kate, an atheist Jew with a Buddhist best friend and a conservative Christian fiancé, met Amir, a moderate Muslim from a religious family with a rebellious sister, they were both first-year law students pursuing environmental law. They didn’t expect to fall in love, be at the center of a school shooting, or deal with a divisive election and a terminal illness. Also, this story isn’t even about them. They just don’t know that yet.